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6 Best Pro DJ Apps for iPad & iPhone 2022

Saturday, May 7, 2022

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Best Pro DJ Apps for iPad & iPhone

Looking for the best pro dj apps your iPhone and iPad ? Here is that the list of the most useful professional grade dj apps offered for iOS and iPadOS devices.

Here are top 6 Pro quality dj apps for iPhone and iPad

1. edjing Mix - DJ Mixer App - Remix your songs & make music ( iPhone + iPad )- 

Edjing Mix is a free app for iPhone/iPad users that lets you mix music and playlists together. You can create your own mixes using any songs from your library, or use our curated playlists to get started. Once you have created your first mix, share it via Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, or even post it to YouTube! You can edit your existing playlists or create new ones. Create playlists based on artists, albums, genres, or moods. Add songs to your playlists manually or automatically by scanning your iTunes library. It has built-in simple yet powerful music player app that supports many different types of audio files including MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, M4A, and MIDI. It also includes features like shuffle mode, repeat mode, random mode, and volume control.

edjing Mix - DJ Mixer App

2. djay - DJ App & AI Mixer - Mix Music & Remix Songs ( iPhone + iPad + Mac + Apple Watch )- 

DJAY is a free app for iOS devices that lets you mix music using voice commands. You can use your device's microphone to talk to DJAY about what songs you want to play and how you want them mixed together. DJAY then creates a custom playlist based on your requests, and mixes it with any other tracks you've added to your library. DJAY-AI is a powerful DJ app that combines both DJ software and AI technology to give users the best experience of mixing music and mastering sound quality! You could play songs via Bluetooth headphones, connect external speakers/mixers or even mix directly from your smartphone's microphone. It features 4 modes (Auto Mode, Auto Beat Matching, Playlist Mixing, Song Mixing) to help users easily control their mix, and the AI algorithms work together with the DJ system to ensure high quality sound quality.

djay - DJ App & AI Mixer

3. Pacemaker - AI DJ app - Mix your favourite music ( iPhone + iPad + Apple Watch )- 

Pacemaker is a music creation tool that lets you create beats using any instrument you want. You can use your own voice or record audio directly from your device's microphone. You can then arrange these tracks in a song-like structure and add effects to make them sound even better! Pacemaker is a simple yet powerful tool for DJs and producers who want to take their mixing skills to the next level. If you're looking for something similar to Apple's Logic Pro X, then you'll be happy to know that Pacemaker comes with a lot of features that are similar to those of its competitor. It features a clean interface that focuses on the music instead of the controls. The UI looks clean and modern, featuring a minimalist aesthetic that fits well with the rest of the interface. In addition to the standard options, there are many customizations that you can make to further customize your experience.

Pacemaker - AI DJ app

4. DJ Player Professional - Solid as a rock. Not a game ( iPhone + iPad )- 

DJ Player Pro is a powerful audio mixing application that lets you mix any two music files together into one track. You can easily drag-and-drop the tracks onto the interface, adjust their volume, cut them out, and add effects. It's perfect for DJs who want to create playlists of songs without having to worry about manually copying and pasting each song. 

Main features of DJ Player Pro- 

1. Low Latency

Low latency means that the audio signal travels at a minimum speed between the player and the speakers. A lower latency results in less delay and improved performance.

2. Rock Solid Stability

DJ Player Pro features a unique algorithm that ensures the best possible playback experience. It provides high-quality audio output even under extreme conditions.

3. Clean Sound

The built-in EQ offers a wide range of adjustments to optimize the sound quality for any situation. You can easily adjust the volume level and balance between left and right channels.

4. Built-In Effects

With its built-in effects, DJ Player Pro lets you add special effects to your music tracks. You can apply reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, pitch shift, and others.

5. Multiple Playback Modes

You can choose between single track, continuous loop, shuffle, repeat, and auto play modes.

6. Customizable Interface

The interface is fully customizable. You can change the color scheme, font size, and layout to suit your personal preferences.

7. Remote Control

Remote control functionality lets you operate DJ Player Pro from anywhere via Bluetooth connection.

DJ Player Professional

5. Cross DJ - dj mixer app - Mix & Remix your music ( iPhone + iPad )- 

The Cross DJ App is a powerful DJ mixing application designed specifically for iOS devices. You can use it to mix music, create playlists, add effects, and much more!

Main features of The Cross DJ App- 

1. Custom Pitch Range: 4 to 100% Manual Pitch Bend: Make adjustments to the pitch of individual notes.

2. Split Audio: Pre-Listen Tracks In Your Headphones Before Mixing Them: Listen to each track individually before combining them in your mix.

3. Automix: Automatically Mix Your Tracks & Play Music From Any Sources: Create cross DJ mixes from your library and play music automatically from any sources (Playlist, Album, Artist, Chart).

4. Accurate BPM Detection Of Your Music Down To The Last Decimal: Track progressions get corrected based on the beats per minute of your songs.

Cross DJ - dj mixer app

6. Traktor DJ 2 - Serious DJing, seriously easy. ( iPad )- 

The Traktor DJ 2 is a professional quality DJ mixer that offers high-quality sound and features including dual faders, crossfader, cue points, looping, beat matching, and much more. Its compact size makes it perfect for any situation where space is at a premium. The Traktor DJ 2 comes equipped with two USB ports, making it simple to connect your computer and start mixing right away.

Traktor DJ 2

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