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8 Best Camera Apps for iPhone 2022

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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10 Best Camera Apps for iPhone 2021

Are you looking for the best camera apps for your iPhone ? If you are not satisfied with the default camera app of your iPhone and searching for a truly professional camera app for you iPhone, you are in right place. Here are 7 top and best professional quality camera apps for the iPhone. You can download any of these pro quality camera apps, according to your needs.

Here are 7 best camera apps for iPhone

1.  ProCam 8 ( iPhone + iPad )- 

This is one of the best camera apps available on App Store. If you want to use your iPhone as professional camera, you should use ProCam 8, because this manual camera app provides professional grade features, you won't find in the default camera app of your iPhone. It comes with many different shooting modes including burst mode, slow shutter, 3d photo mode, time laps, patriot mode. You can shoot lossless TIFF format, RAW (DNG) format, 3 shot HDR photos with ProCam 8. 

ProCam 8

2. Slow Shutter Cam ( iPhone + iPad )-

As its name suggests, it's a slow shutter camera app for iPhone. If you want to capture DSLR like slow shutter speed effects and capture light trails, motion blurs, you should download Slow Shutter Cam on your iPhone. This app comes with unlimited shutter speed, freeze and blur strength control, time lapse intervalometer, real time preview features. So, you can easily and perfectly capture slow shutter speed photos on your iPhone. 

Slow Shutter Cam

3. NightCap Camera ( iPhone iPad )-

If you want to have more control over you iPhone's camera, you should use NightCap Camera. It also helps you to capture noise-free low-light night photos with great details, light trails photos and DSLR like photos with your iPhone. You can also record adjustable time lapse videos, normal videos with manual control in very low light situations with NightCap Camera on you iPhone. 

NightCap Camera

4. ProCamera. Capture the Moment ( iPhone + iPad )-

This is probably the best camera app available on the App Store. If you are looking for a full featured and easy to use professional grade camera app for your iPhone, simply download ProCamera app. This app allows you to capture DSLR like photos with your iPhone and comes with many great features, such as- RAW, TIFF, ProRAW format support, depth editing in portrait photos, 80 filters, manual focus and white balance, duel and triple lens support, professional grade manual control, AIS image stabilization, 3D tiltmeter  and more.  

ProCamera. Capture the Moment

5. Camera+ 2 ( iPhone + iPad )-

Another great professional camera app that is very easy to use and has pro grade camera features, such as- depth editing, RAW shooting and editing, great looking filters, manual controls and slow shutter mode. If you want a very easy to use but powerful camera app. Camera+ 2 allows you to manually control white balance, ISO, shutter speed and best lens. It also comes with purpose-specific presets and Magic ML, so you can capture great photos even you're not an expert. 

Camera+ 2

6. Obscura Camera ( iPhone + iPad )-

Here is another great camera app that lets you control your iPhone's camera manually and capture professional photos with ease. With Obscura Camera app, you can control ISO, white balance, exposure, focus to click stunning photos and record videos with filters and full control. It has a very easy to use yet customizable user interface, so you don't need to be an expert to use it. 

Obscura 3 — Pro Camera

7. Halide Mark II - Pro Camera ( iPhone + iPad )-

Halide Mark II is a professional grade feature-rich camera app for iPhone and iPad, it also available for Apple Watch for remote shooting. This app comes with all the features you expect from a professional grade camera app, like- full manual control on focus, white balance, exposure, ISO and ProRAW, RAW, DNG, HEIC & TIFF file format support. This app is available for free on Apple App Store, but actually it's not a free app, you'll need to subscribe for annual membership or make an in-app purchase to use it. 

Halide Mark II - Pro Camera

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