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Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone and iPad AppsDose

If you are looking for the best dictionary apps for your iPhone and iPad, you're at the right place. Here, you will see 9 best English Language Dictionary Apps for your iPhone and iPad.

1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus ( iPhone )- If you're looking for the best American English dictionary app for iPhone, use Merriam-Webster dictionary app. This is one of the best American English dictionary apps available on the App Store.
Download Merriam-Webster Dictionary

2. Dictionary!! ( iPhone + iPad )- This popular and full-featured iOS dictionary app that helps you to expand your vocabulary and improve your English skills. You can translate English into more than 40 languages offline, play word games, read articles and share words (via social networking sites, email, and text) with this dictionary app. If you're looking for a fully-functional and easy to use dictionary app for your iPhone and iPad, this app is for you.
Download Dictionary for iPhone

3. WordBook - English Dictionary and Thesaurus ( iPhone )- This is one of the most widely-used iPhone dictionary apps. WordBook dictionary come with many features such as- pronunciation for every single entry, spell checker with pop-up spelling suggestions, bookmark and note management, 70,000 usage samples, 23,000 root word origins, 150,000 entries, 220,000 definitions, simple user interface etc. that make it very useful.
Download WordBook

4. Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus ( iPhone )- As its name indicates, it is really an advanced English dictionary app for iPhone. This is a popular and one of the most comprehensive dictionary app for iPhone that comes with 4.9 million words, 591,700 entries, 335,000 relations, audio pronunciation(US, UK & Australia) etc.
Download Advanced English Dictionary

5. Concise English Dictionary & Thesaurus ( iPhone )- If you're looking for an inexpensive, easy to use but powerful dictionary app for your iPhone, use Concise English Dictionary app. This light and fast dictionary app has a very clean user-interface and it comes with so many features like-  591,700 entries, 4.9 million words, offline use, 134,000 pronunciation guides, audio pronunciation ( British, American & Australian ), editable history and bookmarks feature and more.
Download Concise English Dictionary

6. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th edition ( iPhone + iPad )- One of the best dictionary apps available on the App Store.  Oxford dictionary helps you to know words meanings and improve your English skills. Oxford dictionary app also teaches you how to say or use any English word (with pronunciation, American & British). If you're looking for serious and powerful dictionary app for your iPhone and iPad, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary  is one of the best options for you.
Download Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary

7. WordWeb Dictionary ( iPhone + iPad )- A very useful and popular English dictionary app that is available for free on the iOS App Store. This universal iOS dictionary app comes with 285,000 words,  225,000 word sense definitions, 85,000 text pronunciations, 70,000 usage examples, synonyms, similar and related words features, offline use and more. You cannot  get these features easily on any other free (no ads) English dictionary app for iPhone and iPad.
Download WordWeb Dictionary

8. Dictionary.com Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad ( iPad )- A popular and well-designed English dictionary app by Dictionary.com for your iPad. This dictionary app works without Internet connection and helps you to expand your vocabulary and learn how to use them. This is one of the best dictionary apps that are available for free and especially designed for iPad.
Download Dictionary.com Dictionary

9. iTranslate - translator & dictionary - translate 80+ languages ( iPhone + iPad )- If you're looking for a free and powerful dictionary+translation app for your iPhone and iPad, this is the right option for you. This is one of the best multilingual(more than 80 languages) dictionary and translation apps for iDevices. This fully-functional dictionary+translation apps has a very clean user interface that lets you use this app very easily and quickly. It also lets you copy words and paste any in any app and share words using Facebook, Twitter, Messages and Mail.
Download iTranslate

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