Friday, 29 September 2017

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Best Movie Making Apps for iPhone & iPad

Here are 6 best iOS apps that let you making movies like a pro on your iPhone and iPad. These best movie making apps for iPhone & iPad help you making and editing videos professionally. Choose any of them, according to your needs.

1. TiltShift Video - Miniature effect for movies and photos 

( iPhone + iPad )- This is an easy to use but very useful video editing apps for professionals. TiltShift Video helps you turn normal videos into tilt-shift videos effortlessly. You can also change the speed of your videos, you can easily create slow motion and time lapse videos with this app on your iPhone and iPad.

2. iMovie 

( iPhone + iPad )- This is one of the most popular video editing apps for iOS devices. Apple's iMovie lets you easily create and edit HD videos on your iPhone and iPad. You can also make Hollywood style movie trailers with this app. Created videos with iMovie can be published to Facebook, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, directly from the app. You can also save videos in full resolution and share them using AirDrop or stream videos using AirPlay.

3. VidLab - Video & Movie Maker 

( iPhone )- This is one of the best apps for making fun videos on your iPhone or iPod touch. With VidLab, you can easily add text and animated them over videos, apply effects and filters, add overlays and masks and much more. You can also post entire videos to Instagram without cropping. You can save videos on your device and easily share on Instagram and Vine with this VidLab.

4. Magisto - Magical Video Editor 

( iPhone + iPad )- This is one of the best video editing apps for iPhone and iPad that are available for free on App Store. This is the most easiest app to create movies from your photos and videos and share them, Magisto automatically makes movies from your videos, photos and music. If you are looking for a professional quality and easy to use video editing app for your iPhone for free, this is for you. But remember, Magisto doesn't have iMovie like features. And one more thing... you need to be connected to the Internet to use Magisto.

5. Hyperlapse from Instagram 

( iPhone + iPad )- If you are looking for a app that allows you to create time laps videos for free, this app is for you. Hyperlapes from Instagram lets you create professional quality time lapes videos easily on your iPhone and iPad. You can save time laps videos to your camera roll or directly share on Instagram and Facebook with this app. This is one the best time laps video editing apps that are available for free on App Store.

6. Stop Motion Studio 

( iPhone + iPad )- If you are looking for a professional grade video editing app for free, Stop Motion Studio is for you. This is a free ( with IAP ) video editing app for iPhone and iPad that has professional grade features to edit and produce Ultra HD and Full HD videos easily on iOS devices and save them in full resolution ( 4k, 1080p and 720p ). You can also export as GIF image format and in square format for Instagram.

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