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Here are 6 best Calculator apps for iPhone and iPad. If you are not satisfied with the stock calculator that comes with you iPhone or iPad, you can use any of these third party calculators apps that are more useful than the stock calculator app of iOS.

1. PCalc - The Best Calculator ( iPhone + iPad )- If you're looking for the best and perfect universal calculator app for your iPhone and iPad, PCalc is for you. One of the most powerful calculator apps available on the App Store. PCalc is feature rich calculator app and the very useful for students, programmers, engineers and scientists.
Download pcalc

2. Calc Pro - The Top Mobile Calculator! ( iPhone )- If you are looking for the best professional quality calculator app for your iPhone, Calc Pro - The Top Mobile Calculator! is for you. This is one of the most powerful and full-featured third party calculator apps available on Apple App Store for iPhone. It comes with 5 different calculator modes (simple, algebraic, direct algebraic, RPN and expression), 5 display options (normal, scientific, fractions, engineering, and fixed) and many useful feature including unit and currencies converter & financial / statistics /mortgage / date-time / tip calculator and loan calculator.

3. Calculator HD+ Pro ( iPhone + iPad )- If you are searching for a powerful and easy to use calculator apps for your iOS and watchOS devices, Calculator HD+ Pro is for you. This calculator app is very useful for students and professionals and it comes with many useful features, such as- right and left-handed mode, switching between workspaces, bluetooth keyboard support, AirPrint support, persistent history, multiple undo, sharing history via email etc.

4. Soulver - the notepad calculator ( iPhone + iPad )- If you are looking for something different calculator but simple to use calculator app for your iOS devices, try Soulver. This is a very different from other traditional calculator apps, you can do calculations over multiple lines, and you can also use words alongside your numbers. It supports iCloud and Dropbox sync and lets you share your calculations work as rich-html emails.
Download soulver

5. Tydlig - Calculator Reimagined ( iPhone + iPad )- If you don't want to see boring calculator apps anymore, check out Tydlig. This is probably the most beautiful calculator app available on App Store. But, Tydlig is not only a good-looking but fully-functional, too. Tydlig has very feature that you could possibly imagine for a calculator and some unique features such as editable history, linked numbers, dragging numbers, responsive results, sharing features, text annotations, real-time graphing and freeform canvas make it very easy to use and a full-featured calculator app for iPhone and iPad.
Download tydlig

6. Scientific Graphing Calculator 2 ( iPhone + iPad )- Are you looking for a fast, flexible and free calculator app for your iPhone and iPad? Scientific Graphing Calculator 2 is one the most popular powerful and pro grade scientific calculator apps for iPhone and iPad. It has bult-in unit converter, vector and matrix calculator and other very useful features, like polynomial solver, triangle solver and more.

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