Friday, 11 November 2016

Best Email Marketing Apps for iPhone & iPad

Are you an internet marketer? Or, you own a business, and want to use email marketing to increase your business? If so, this article going to help you. In this article, you will see the best email marketing apps for your iPhone and iPad.

1. MailShot Pro- Group Email Done Right! 

( iPhone + iPad )- This is one of the best app for email marketing from your iOS devices. MailShot Pro is professional and easy to use email marketing app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to send group emails from your built-in Mail app and other compatible apps. If you are looking for a professional quality email marketing app for your iOS devices, simply use MailShot Pro on your iPhone and iPad.

2. Quick Group Email 

( iPhone + iPad )- If you want to send group email quickly from your iPhone or iPad, use this app. With Quick Group Email app, you can easily group emails and texts to all your contacts or to groups without having to add contacts one by one. So, If you want to send emails quickly from your iPhone or iPad, you must use this app. This app makes email marketing very easy on iOS devices, because, it allows you to send emails to many people quickly and lets you use message templates and attach photos to your messages.

3. GetResponse App 

( iPhone + iPad )- This is the official app for iOS devices of GetResponse, one of the leading email marketing platform on the Internet. If you use GetResponse for email marketing, you should download the office app of GetResponse. With this app, you can easily access your GetResponse account and send or schedule newsletters and create and send plain-text emails to your contacts and see the statistics and more from your iPhone or iPad.

4. Benchmark Email - Free Mobile Email Marketing 

( iPhone )- If you are looking for a free email marketing app for your iPhone, Benchmark Email is for you. With this app, you can easily send  group emails with professional templates. You can alos insert photos and videos to your emails with this app. If you a marketer and looking for a free app for you marketing campaign, use Benchmark Email on your iPhone.

5. AWeber Email Stats on the Go 

( iPhone )- This is the official app for iPhone of one of AWeber, one of the most widely used email marketing services in the world. If you use AWeber for your email marketing campaign, this app is for you. With AWeber iPhone app, you can easily use your AWeber account on the go.