Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Best apps to organize photos on iPhone and iPad

If you've a large collection of photos on your iPhone or iPad, this artcle is going to help you. In this article you can see 3 great apps that help you organize photos on your iOS devices. .

1. Photo Manager Pro 

( iPhone + iPad )- This is one of the best photo organizer apps available on App Store. With Photo Manager Pro you can easily manage thousands of photos and videos on your iPhone and iPad. And you can also hide your private photos with it's built-in private photo album features. Pro Manger Pro give you ability to share multiple photos easily, you can share photo using, FTP, HTTP, Peer to Peer, USB and via photos app.

2. FlickStackr for Flickr 

( iPhone + iPad )- This is a full-featured and one of best third party Flickr app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With FlickStackr, you can browse, upload and edit Flickr photos easily on your iOS devices. You can also share photos on Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr or via email.

5. PicTag - Instant Photo Album & Picture Organizer 

( iPhone )- One of the most easiest photo organizer apps that are available for free. Apart from organizing photos on your iPhone, it also lets you share your albums via Email and upload on Facebook. If you are looking for a free app that helps you organize photos on your iPhone and lets you share with your friends, PicTag might be very useful for you.